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Invest with GSAREH

GSAREH is running an investment campaign between Oct 20 and Oct 30, 2014 to cover new hires and necessary working capital associated with business expansion and new contracts obtained in the USA and GCC region.

Investment levels are $7,500; $15,000; $30,000; and $50,000. Returns of investment (ROI) are 12%, 15%, 18%, and 22% respectively. Investment + ROI are paid over 18 months on 6 quarterly installments starting Feb 15, 2015 and ending May 15, 2016.  Notarized investment certificate and promise to pay letter are issued to each investor.

This campaign ends on Oct 30 or when investment goal reached; whichever is sooner.

If interested, email GSAREH’s President, Dr. Tarek Rashed for more details.

GSAREH LLC is an innovative information technology company that provides a range of consulting, research & development (R&D), and capacity building services in geospatial technologies. Through the diverse skills and expertise of our core team and an extended web of affiliated experts in various domains, we possess unique capabilities to connect the dots (.gov, .com, and .edu) and spatially empower businesses and governmental agencies by facilitating thorough technology and knowledge transfer, developing high quality innovative GIS solutions, and delivering superior dedicated services.

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